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Product description:


  • Digital rendering(s) of architectural drawings.

  • Graphic package for a completed architectural project.


Data required to complete rendering(s):


  • Architectural drawings: Plans, elevations and sections (can be provided in CAD, jpg, tiff, or pdf format)

  • Description of project complexity and desired services.

  • Time frame for completion of work.


Once Analy receives the above information, she will submit a quote for illustration services for consideration and approval by the client.


*Additional graphic package services information available upon request




"In an attempt to join current legislative efforts to prevent the further increase of obesity in Texas, the design of a Wellness Center for the body and the mind is proposed in this thesis.


The intention of this project is to create a recreational center promoting balanced and healthy lifestyles, as well as to raise awareness and generate action among the San Antonio community. Being sited next to Mud Creek Park allows the landscape to penetrate the building through a public jogging trail, while the building’s architecture focuses on the need and concerns of individuals in relation to their physical, emotional and spiritual health. The building concept demonstrates a holistic way to reconcile nature to building, by tying the structure to the natural features of the site, in an effort to create not only sustainable architecture, but also to promote sustainable living.


In this relaxing and inspiring place, one can restore vitality and a sensibility that resonates through the body and mind. By providing areas for physical activity, relaxation, nutritional guidance, education, sustainable living and ecological education, the perception of a healthier lifestyle is intensified. The Fitness Pavilion at Mud Creek Park centers on a tranquil balance between architecture and nature."


* Copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by Analy Diego. All designs and creative content may not be duplicated in any manner without the written consent of the artist.

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